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Class 5

Start of Middle school journey

Class 6

The start of your Secondary education...

Class 7

Lets silently focus of the bigger goal, make better clarity on concepts...

Class 8

Mid of your Secondary Education, keep practicing for better balance.

Class 9

Ready and prepare for the big Year of your carrier, be relax and calm.

Class 10

Its THE YEAR, make better balance of peace and strength. Plan your strategy


Play & Fun

World of children is the world of Play and fun! But little we realize that the Play and fun is the foundation of education.

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What My Parents Say about Me

Woww... What an idea to make concepts so simple. Liked the reusability part and giving a structured way for children. My son is enjoying 6th ICSE Maths course.
Simple and great content . It makes my daughter's life simple during the lockdown time 🙂 , able to grasp the concept of Class 7 ICSE course. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful initiative.
Its's cool ...I like the Story time. My daughter is having good time with the site. Request you to get the App Soon for us.